Reach Movement Studio is your first stop for musculoskeletal and physical therapy care.

Our Mission: To give everyone the right to move.

Reach Movement Studio is for people who want to move freely, so they can live fully.

We are the empowering and engaging musculoskeletal (MSK) health provider that prioritizes wellness over managing illness by making quality care accessible, affordable and approachable so everyone can exercise their right of movement, everyday.

Who We Are

We believe that everybody has the right to Move Well Live Well™. More than physical therapy, we work with every individual to provide a custom wellness plan that empowers you to reach your fullest movement potential.

What We Do

Our focus is on positive, proactive and preventative movement programs that develop the body to move more freely and fully. From physical therapy, to at-home motion health programs, we’ve got you covered.

Why We Do It

We envision a world in which everybody can reach their fullest movement potential. The more you move today, the better you’ll move tomorrow. Prioritizing your motion health can lead to a freer, happier and more fulfilling life.