As spring arrives, many young adults between the ages of 6 and 17 years are ready to play golf. Before playing it is critically important that golfers adopt proper training around swing dynamics, correct muscle and tissue imbalances, and build strength and flexibility of the upper and lower body. These steps can reduce injuries caused by inadequate or limited core strength, poor coordination, and tissue overuse with incomplete healing. Here are some good pre and during golf stretch routines that allow proper swinging action and help prevent injuries.

Before performing stretches, consult a physical therapist if you’ve had any prior surgeries.

Dynamic Warm-Up

1. Leg Swings

2. Squats

Swing-Focused Stretching

1. Half Kneel Trunk Rotation

2. Shoulder External Rotation

Static Stretches

1. Lats Stretch

2. Posterior Shoulder Stretch

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