It’s simple physics. The more you move today, the more you’ll be able to keep moving tomorrow.

At Reach Movement Studio, we help you prioritize your musculoskeletal health through positive, proactive, and preventive movement programs that develop the body to move more freely and fully.

We work with you to create a customized wellness plan that helps you reach your individual goals and unlock your full movement potential.

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Share your movement ability or pain points with our trained physical therapists. We’ll recommend your next step in care.

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Movement Assessments

Reach Movement Studio services often begin with an assessment. Choose from:

  • 3D Movement Assessment + Consultation
  • 3D Athletic Assessment + Consultation
  • 3D Pain Triage Assessment + Consultation

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Movement At Home

After your consultation or MSK Care Screening, our physical therapist will recommend a personalized movement plan.

  • Home Exercise Program

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Movement Therapy

Depending on what your assessment or MSK Care Screening uncovers, our physical therapist may recommend on-site or telerehab physical therapy or a referral to an off-site therapy provider or best-in-class orthopedist.

  • MSK Care Screening
  • Physical Therapy

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