Movement Assessments

We offer three primary assessment services. Chose the one that is right for your movement needs.

3D Movement Assessment

Our most popular assessment. For those who are curious about their motion age or want to simply move more freely.

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3D Pain Assessment

Do not be resigned to a life of pain. With this assessment, find out simple, easy ways to live a full and pain-free life.

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3D Athletic Assessment

Primarily for athletes or those who are serious about the way they move. Find out how you can elevate your game.

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Every service at Reach Movement Studio begins with an MSK Care Screening or a 3D movement assessment—Movement, Pain, or Athletic. This cutting edge technology is the only FDA-cleared motion assessment that evaluates your motion health in minutes.

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Step 1: Capture
Our specialists will ask you to perform a series of movements to collect objective full body movement data.

Step 2: Identify

The 3D technology will identify any muscle or joint vulnerabilities or areas for improvement and produce your custom movement report.

Step 3: Assess

Reach Movement Studio movement specialists will go over your report and speak to you about focus areas.

Step 4: Plan

Reach Movement Studio motion specialists will offer recommendations on next steps for improving your motion health. Recommendations may include:

  • Wellness classes
  • Home exercises
  • On-site or telerehab physical therapy for simple care
  • Off-site physical therapy referral for complex care
  • Referral to an orthopedist