Reach Movement Studio is designed to be your starting point for your musculoskeletal (MSK) care. We’re your starting point when you have physical injury or movement limitations. You’ll receive treatment from those professionals specifically trained to treat your musculoskeletal system.

Starting with a 3D assessment or an MSK Care Screening, our physical therapists will identify your MSK ailments and recommend appropriate care.

  • Receive education about simple steps that promote your MSK health and wellness before serious problems arise.
  • Access conservative, non-invasive, and appropriate treatment paths, including in-clinic or telerehabilitation, for simple injuries based on physical therapy best practices.
  • Eliminate a doctor visit by directly accessing a physical therapist.
  • Access quality providers in your local area based on outcomes data.
male physical therapist examining female patient leg

During a complimentary MSK Care Screening, our physical therapists will determine your best path forward to better movement.

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african american man squatting

By choosing physical therapy first, we can help you rehabilitate your musculoskeletal system.

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